Our Story

The Highland Lilac Fragrance
Created in 1967

Over fifty years ago an innovative marketer and former horticultural student, Dan Morgan, had an idea for a Lilac fragrance. He designed, developed and manufactured a high quality scent, which has been described as "an amazingly true essence of the Lilacs at their peak."

The selection and testing of rare oils took many months, skilled perfumers and research chemists at the world-renowned International Flavors and Fragrances were commissioned to create this essence. Their project was to develop a not too heavy, not too sweet artistic success.

The director of Highland Park, often known as Doc Lilac, and its staff unanimously selected Highland Lilac as the fragrance most representing the Rochester Lilac at its peak. This is more than a fragrance; it is indeed a veritable breath of Spring found only in Highland Lilacs.

Highland Lilac is one of America's finest perfumes. Proclaimed the Lilac Capital of the World's official Fragrance, it has won national awards and international gold medals. It has been presented to five first ladies of our country, and their accolades place the fragrance among our national treasure. The romance of the lilac, however, is global in its nature.

In Spring, the rare double flowering and other special varieties of lilac buds and blossoms are harvested, collected and tested each year to determine and to make sure the perfumers and chemists have the exact match with the original formula. The juice must have a fresh lilac scent with a sensual dry down! Each year only a limited quantity is produced. The essence has been cherished by many generations of Americans as the True Essence of Lilac. Its classic sophistication continues into the 21st Century.