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The Lilac Capital of the World

The Lilac has been cherished by every generation of American. In Mount Vernon, both the Custis and the George Washington Families were among its fanciers. Thomas Jefferson planted Lilacs in his personal garden. Many of our poets and writers have written about their traditional popularity and fondness for the fragrance. Lilacs' popularity has continued to grow each year at Rochester's Lilac Capital of the World Lilac Festival at Highland Park. This world famous collection was started in 1890. It now covers 22 acres in this famous park located on the County Monroe, within the renowned Flower City of Rochester, New York. Each May thousands of visitors from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America come to view the world's largest collection of Lilacs - more than 550 varieties - to marvel at their enchanting beauty, and to be captivated by the sensation of the unique Highland Lilac Fragrance.